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Mon, 31.12.2012 - 18:30
[WCFAN-News] English: HLstatsX reset

Every year our HLstatsX getting reseted, now it's time again.
The stats will be restted this night and everybody gains 1.000 startpoints again.
More about HLstatsX? - click "read more"

Have fun with your rankings!

} your WCFAN-Team
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How are the "points" rating calculated?

Killer Points = Killer Points + (Victim Points / Killer Points) Weapon Modifier 5

Victim Points = Victim Points - (Victim Points / Killer Points) Weapon Modifier 5 1/2

To get the Weapon Modifier points klick here.

Other functions:

Syntax: say /hlx_set option value.

Acceptable "options" are:

* realname
Sets your Real Name as shown in your profile.
Example: /hlx_set realname Joe Bloggs

* email
Sets your E-mail Address as shown in your profile.
Example: /hlx_set email joe@joebloggs.com

* homepage
Sets your Home Page as shown in your profile.
Example: /hlx_set homepage http://www.joebloggs.com/

My rank is embarrassing. How can I opt out?
Say /hlx_hideranking while playing on a participating game server. This will toggle you between being visible on the Player Rankings and being invisible.

Note: You will still be tracked and you can still view your Player Details page. Use the Search page to find yourself.
All information also here at the WCFAN HLstatsX page